Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Business Card Annotations

This business card in particular is my favourite, this is because it is textured and as a person with a strong like for textiles this design really draws me in. I love the use of colour and how the design on the back of the business card is brought onto the front making it more appealing to read.

Like the previous business card this is also textured and it is actually based on the textile; embroidery. I don't even have to read what the business card is informing me as the design speaks for itself for example, the sewing machine. 

I like this business card as it simple yet creative. It looks plain yet the design of the bicycle is very detailed and intricate. Moreover the font itself is "formal" and "fancy" which makes the card attractive. 

This is a very unusual, unique promotion of a business. It is a very creative idea and looks delicate. Also I can imagine it is cheap to manufacture compared to other business cards which benefits business greatly. 

I have chosen to look at this business card as it links wonderfully with my current project "Pattern". The florescent colours beautifully go together and the pattern is very pleasant to look at. I also like the idea that you can hang this business card up. Instead of stacking business cards, with this one you can present it in many ways such as hanging from a working desk or a door handle or even from an object. 

I like this business card simply because of the shaping. Not much is needed on this business card as the shape of it already makes it interesting. It is very simplistic design yet effective. 

I think these business cards are a great idea as they are environmentally friendly and easy to create. These are made by stamping the text onto scrap pieces of paper therefore instead of wasting unwanted paper, it is recycled and made into business cards.

I feel these business cards would be a perfect idea for a fine artist. I love how one business card connects to another through the drawings. A very good piece of inspiration for an artist. 

This business card idea is very appealing to me. As a textile artist I love how fabric has been appliqu├ęd onto another piece of fabric. Not much is needed to create something as beautiful as this because the fabric chosen is what makes it so alluring. A passion for textiles, a few pieces of fabric (some with your business details heat transferred onto), a sewing needle and some thread is all you need to produce cute business cards like these. 

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